The ‘Scottish Centre for Collaborative Impact’, founded by VAER and Thrive, is based in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire. Over the last four years, both organisations have been developing a strategic approach; in collaboration with local third sector and public sector organisations. This approach facilitates citizen participation in planning, delivery and service redesign. We want to achieve lasting social change through participative processes that are owned and designed by individuals and communities.

Against the backdrop of financial austerity (coupled with volatile social and technological changes), sits a complex set of social needs. Despite a diminishing pot of funds, demand for services and support is rising. It’s vital to make best use of available resources to support our communities better.

By working as an anchor organisation, in collaboration with others, we can redesign services based on the needs of individuals; including the most marginalised.

By working together, we can achieve the maximum social impact from all the resources available to communities. This includes financial resources such as funding and donations and non-financial resources such as physical assets, skills, capabilities and social networks.

By working this way, VAER is committed to acting as a strategic partner to improve outcomes and wellbeing amongst members of our local communities.

We aim to revitalise communities, influencing change through connecting communities to public agencies and decision makers and encouraging active citizenship.