East Ren Collaborates

We are a group of passionate people who live and work in East Renfrewshire. We gather together under the banner of East Renrewshire Collaborates.

We use this 'neutral banner' to encourage and support diverse local people, groups, organisations and public agencies to work together. This way of working helps to form collaborative responses to local issues and opportunities. VAER often act as key facilitator, however, we encourage other partners to take on this role.

Collaborations so far…..

Better by Design

‘Home from Hospital’ is a collaborative project, led by Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire SCIO - which brings together representatives from all sectors and the wider community in East Renfrewshire. This is a co-designed, prototyped service which seeks to address issues faced by older people surrounding admission and discharge from hospital. It utilises the assets, capabilities and capacity which already exist in the area.

"Reshaping Care for Older People: A Programme for Change 2011-2021" (RCOP)

RCOP sets out the Scottish Governments vision that older people are valued as an asset, their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives in their own home or in a homely setting. During the first four years, VAER supported a collaborative approach involving older people, sheltered housing complexes, groups and organisastions. The task was to design together a new approach to supporting older people to remain active in their communities for longer.

Local Partnership Response to impacts of Welfare Reform

This initiative was a collaboration of third and public sector working together to lessen the impact of welfare reform on residents of East Renfrewshire. Using our dreaming together approach this collaboration focused on the impacts of Welfare Reform on local people. Two applications brought success:

  • HERO (Helping East Renfrewshire Online - funded by the Scottish Legal Aid Board) - East Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau is lead partner of this project; supporting local people that do not have access to computers to learn how to use them and how to do online benefit registration and job searches. This support is available to any East Ren resident. (Partners include ER CAB, Barrhead Housing Association and VAER).
  • PCER (Partnership Care East Renfrewshire - funded by Big Lottery) - Barrhead Housing Association took the lead partner role to develop an application that would provide support to BHA and Arklet tenants to access welfare, disability and energy advice. This was also supported by VAER and ER CAB.