What is Impact and Evaluation?

Impact is best described as the difference we make to something or someone.

One of the most common descriptions of evaluation is:

A systematic assessment of the worth or merit of an activity or project

Or to put it simply… good evaluation looks at what you have done well; what isn’t working and how to measure the impact of what you do.

VAER provides help, information and training (for individuals, groups and organisations) to navigate all elements of the evaluation process in plain and understandable language.

In addition to jargon busting information, we offer advice and support to help you get the best out of your activities, projects and services.

This will include:

  • How to set realistic and achievable outcomes and indicators
  • Finding the most suitable methods for collecting evidence and measuring the difference you make
  • How to make sense of the evidence you have collected then translated into clear and concise reports
  • Understanding what you have learned from your results
  • And crucially, how to embed these practises into your initial planning process