Get Enterprising 

With increasing pressures on funding and doing more with less, an increasing number of groups and organisations are looking at new ways of being more resilient and innovative.

Being more socially enterprising can help projects or organisations do this.

Social entrepreneurship is where activities help generate income through a business approach or innovation. A social enterprise is an organisation where the income is reinvested in the business and where it also has a positive social or environmental impact on the communities it serves.

Why get enterprising?

Thinking differently about how you are going to fund your project when the funding runs out is essential.

But, also be aware of how to:

  • Diversify your income
  • Become independent from external funders
  • Increase the scope and impact
  • Be bold and try something new!

Are you already enterprising?

Your organisation may already be involved in enterprising activity and not realise it. If you can answer “YES” to any of the following questions it is likely you have already began the journey to become a more enterprising organisation:

  1. We deliver services under contract  
  2. We charge for some of our services

  3. We sell products

  4. We sell training

  5. We have some other trading income

  6. We have a separate trading company which passes its profits to us

Do you need help with becoming more enterprising? 

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