Make It Real - Demonstrators 

Demonstrators are teams who turn ideas into actions.

How do projects and demonstrators differ?

Projects invariably have a beginning a middle and an end. They are often grant funded from external sources and the outcomes end with the project. As a result they are unsustainable and have limited legacies.

How The Demonstrators Work

Demonstrators are small tests of change without the need for a pot of money in the middle. They bring together existing community resources including partner organisations, people with skills and experience etc around the table to create a solution together. This reduces the burden on one group or organisation to create, fund and manage a project. It reduces costs, shares the responsibility and the benefits across a whole community and, as there's no end date, have sustainable achieving lasting outcomes.

The strength of a demonstrator is its cyclicality. Continual monitoring flags issues early and makes them very adaptable. If it isn't working - why not? What's missing? What other partners, skills or resources does it need that hadn't been considered before? It is easier to make the changes and try again.

Demonstrators so far..

KNITTING MANIA is our intergenerational initiative bringing together older volunteers who have an interest in knitting, with pupils in a number of local schools
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DON'T DIS MY ABILITY Initially established for residents of the Mungo Foundation to see if it was possible to create volunteer based social activities for people in receipt of Self Directed Support (SDS) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
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COMMUNITY GARDENING This demonstrator project is suitable for any volunteer who has an interest in gardening or working outdoors. The group is led entirely by volunteers and currently meets once a week to work on a range of activities.
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