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Welcome to VAER. We are a passionate group that work with the people who live and work across East Renfrewshire. Our ambition is to see an East Renfrewshire based on fairness and equity with thriving sustainable communities at its heart.
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Volunteering is all about making a difference – to other people, to communities, to you!
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Whether you’re preparing to start a new community group or have been running a registered charity for some time, we can help you achieve your goals.
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Community participation is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we create & source many opportunities for local residents and workers from across the sectors to connect, share ideas and work together.
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Demonstrators are teams that turn ideas into actions. Through small-scale tests of change they determine if an idea can lead to a sustainable project and community improvement.
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Helping East Renfrewshire Online (HERO) can help with benefits and job searches
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Get money advice and benefit help from Est Ren Council
Advice on minimising energy bills for tenants at Barhead Housing Association

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